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Why I call myself DJ Sinsation (Sin)-Jesus gave his blood for my sins. (Sation)-So I can be the best DJ in his image.   AMEN.


 My name is Darrell Pierce, Owner and Operator for over 17 years.  If you're looking for live entertainment for your special event, then you have come to the right place.  Sinsational Music Entertainment offers live music for variety of occasions such as Wedding/Receptions, Private parties, and more. 

We offer a hands on planning experience to allow you to get involved as much as you want.  Have an opinion you want to share?  We always take your request into account.

From family reunions to house parties, we will help you throw a remarkable event that your guests will  never forget.

Dear present and future clients,

I want to update you on how Sinsational Music Entertainment and DJ Sinsation will be adapting to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic once businesses resume.

For Our safety, the following guidelines will be put in place and be required at all events and venues. 

• Song request will no longer be taken at the DJ booth. A QR code and/or link will be provided to request songs or communicate via your mobile device.

• A secured (no public) WiFi connection will be required for the above.

• The microphones will be sanitized between each user and covered with disposable mic covers.

“We Shall Over Come”

                                     -Martin Luther King JR


Darrell Pierce


Sinsational Music Entertainment

Sinsational Music Entertainment

"Safety Is Our Highest Priority"

Music for ev​ery occasion