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Sinsational Music Entertainment

About Me

My Short Story

Let me tell you how I started my DJ career.  All my life I've had a passion for music which lead me to channel my love for music through the turntables.  I wouldn't call it practice but I had fun playing music for my friends when I had house parties in the past.  Then one day a friend asked me to DJ his wedding in year 2003.  I didn't want to because I only had house equipment and felt I would embarrass myself doing such an event.  My friend stated, " I don't care about that, you can mix on the turntables and you play good music".  Because of him I did it and I have been DJing to this day.  From house system in the beginning to a professional system of today was because of my friend who believed in me.

Sinsational Music Entertainment

"Safety Is Our Highest Priority"

Dear present and future clients,

I want to update you on how Sinsational Music Entertainment and DJ Sinsation will be adapting to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic once businesses resume.

For Our safety, the following guidelines will be put in place and be required at all events and venues.

  1. Song request will no longer be taken at the DJ booth. A QR code and/or link will be provided to request songs or communicate via your mobile device.
  2. A mask is required at all times to speak directly to the DJ.
  3. A secured (no public) Wi-Fi connection will be required for the above.
  4. The microphones will be sanitized between each user and covered with disposable mic covers.

“We Shall Over Come”

-Martin Luther King JR


Darrell Pierce


Sinsational Music Entertainment

Please Contact Me For More Information & Booking.

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